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We’re building a platform that brings ideas, art, and events to life in vacant & underutilized spaces.

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Your art here.

Do you have an idea that you want to see in the real world? A passion project that you’d love to find a home for? Are you looking for a space to bring together a community? Sign up to hear about how we’re finding space for your ideas.

How it works

You have art.

It’s a larger-than-life sculpture. It’s a gathering to chat about your neighborhood. It’s your first ever mural. It’s a workshop that’s grown too big for your living room. It’s that performance piece you’ve been kicking around in your head for years.

We have space.

6 square feet or 6,000. Right next door or somewhere entirely new. Indoors, outdoors, just behind that door.

You get a space for your art.

Not too big, not too small—just right. Let’s find the perfect spot for your idea to come to life.


Upload your proposals.

Half-baked or fresh out of the oven—we want to hear about them all.



Holiday Pop-up


Flag Day


Over and Over


Beach Party


Lunar Sea


HubWeek Fall Festival

Nine murals, a reflective light installation, and a participatory wall with 2,000 paper clips making shipping containers in the Boston Seaport feel like home.