1/16   5:30 PM

This exhibition is about the classification, exotification, fetishizing, and scrutiny, of the female black body. It is fundamentally about what it means to be a black woman in America, and all of the beauty, struggle, and innovation that that entails.

Black women are constantly criticized and assessed by white society, and as a consequence, by themselves. Black female bodies are exaggerated and distilled: big butt, cotton-haired, charcoal-skinned. The same “characteristics” that define and condemn female blackness are celebrated in whiteness – from Kim Kardashian’s man-made shape, to Miley Cyrus in cornrows. Black women’s bodies are simultaneously sexualized, feared, and desired. The exhibition’s surrealist, and sometimes abstract, fine art, turns the idea of blackness on its head, while preserving “black girl magic.”

The exhibition invites the viewer to rethink her definition of blackness, color, womanhood, magic, and most importantly, beauty. The artist invites each viewer to search for the magic and struggle in each piece, and to remember that both demons and gods are sacrificed; only humanity is spared. As Jesse Williams so eloquently said,“Just because we’re magic, does not mean we’re not real.” Special edition prints will be for sale.

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Monday Nov 5 2018