11/18   7 PM

The goal of this project are three-pronged 1) To make powerful and authentic self-representation and the aesthetics of studio portraiture accessible for all folks, regardless of financial ability or the constructs of homogenous beauty standards. 2) To raise money to nourish LGBTQ+ organizations that directly affect our local communities in Boston. 3) To build out a piece of representative art that documents the breadth and diversity of the Boston queer/nb community. By holding up a mirror to show people their own power, by putting that privilege in the hands our most vibrant and vulnerable humans, you can literally build and change communities.

Located at coworking artist space Spaceus in Harvard Sq, the portrait marathon will run from 10am-5pm, with 20 minute time slots available for donation based booking. These slots are welcome to be shared with friends and chosen family! The event will culminate in an open mic from 7-9pm, open to any and all queer/nb folks interested in sharing or performing! Donations will be evenly split, with proceeds from this event going to local youth led queer organization BAGLY and a community pot to be spit amongst the perfomers of the open mic.  

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